Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Installation in Durango

When you hire DRD to install a metal roof system, you can be assured that not only will you be receiving a top-notch metal roof, but you will also receive a quality installation that comes with a full manufacture’s warranty.  After your free assessment and acceptance of our timely proposal, we bring onsite to your job all your metal panels and get to work, and we will form fit every little nook and cranny on your roof for the perfect seal.  Our climate here in Durango and all surrounding areas that we service, experience some pretty harsh events, and give just a beating to your roof every day.  Throughout the years, our roofs endure hail, ice, snow, and don’t forget about the intense summer sun.  Metal roofs are the perfect solution to handle all these weather-related events.

Metal Roofs Provides a lot of Flexiability

  • Flexiable panels that DRD molds to perfectly fit your roof structures
  • 24 gauge cold stock roofing panels
  • 1 inch standing seam roofing
  • Standing seam and pro panel roofing

Manufacturers will cover a metal roof under warranty, but only if it has been installed by a certified roofing company like Durango Roof Doctor.

Call Durango Roof Doctor at 970.444.2125 for all your home or commercial building metal roof installs or repairs.  We have offices in Durango and Farmington NM.

Does your Roof Leak?

If your commercial building or home is leaking, call us for an assessment!  We will respond right away!  970.444.2125!

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