Pitched Roofs

Pitched Roof Repairs / Replacements in Durango, and all surrounding communities.

We take care of all of our customers, the proof is in our roofing process!

Working with all the different roofs throughout Southwestern Colorado for more than a decade now, we’ve seen and have fixed a lot of issues that can be critical for keeping your rooftop and house safe…  We have assembled an amazing team of roofers who always put the customer first.  We provide both residential and commercial roofing services to customers all over Southwestern Colorado and now in Farmington NM.  The entire team here at DRD, will always treat the customer right and to create life long customers that keep coming back.

So What is a Pitched Roof?

Very simply put, a pitched roof is 2-sloping angles of a roof that meet in the middle.  There are several components that go into a roofing system.

Components of a high quality roofing system:
  • Added protection and leak barriers
  • The roof covering
  • The underlayment and felt
  • Roof decking protection
Our roof coverings can vary from job to job, here are some of the coverings we use:
  • Tile
  • Shingles
  • Foam roofing

With over 10 years of roofing experience, this allows us to understand complex roofing systems.  We understand how roofing systems fail, when they are going to fail.  We make every effort to install a roofing system that is going last for the guarantee length of time and

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Having a roof over your head is an amazing thing… unless it needs to be repaired or replaced! Whenever you need DRD to do either of those, or any other rooftop or a shingles related fix – we’ll be at your service and ready to help!

Some of Our Roofing & Related Services:

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