Pitched Roofs

Commercial Pitched Roof Installation in Durango CO

Our Durango and Farmington based roofer teams are roof repair and installation experts.  They all provide excellence in commercial roofing services.  For over 10 years Durango and surrounding area business owners have known that Durango Roof Doctor is a name they can trust!  DRD teams have maintained 1000’s of square feet of commercial roofing over the years, with continued warranty programs provided to our customers on a regular basis.  With our understanding of the roofing industry here in Southwestern Colorado and Northern New Mexico and experience, ability, skill, and a reputation for professionalism, DRD is a name you can trust and the only name you need to remember to for all your commercial roofing needs. When you call us here at Durango Roof Doctor, you can expect a quality product, a fast response and on time delivery of your project.  You can reach out to us here at Durango Roof Doctor at 970.444.2125

Pitched Roofing Systems for Commercial Structures

Our team here at DRD uses a variety of pithced roof materials for commercial buildings, including:

  • Tile
  • Shingle
  • Metal
  • Foam

Pitched roofs are simply roofs with a slope – typically a slope of 10 degrees or more.  An alternative to a pitched roof system is a flat roof, and flat roofs are more common than most people think even with all the snow we recieve every year.  Our commercial services for pitched and flat roofing systems include installation and maintenance.  If you want to learn more about our commercial services we provide, just give us a shout or use our contact us form.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.  We have offices in Durango and Farmington NM.

Does your Roof Leak?

If your commercial building or home is leaking, call us for an assessment!  We will respond right away!  970.444.2125!

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